1 A newly born word




7 June 2013 Words 4.1

A newly born word

The usuality

of it is very low,

the first observer –

a woman with Oriental features, said –

in the lower twenties.

The secnd observer,

a man in a dark suit

with a pink tie,

shook his head slightly:

even lower, he said,

in the upper teens.

Have you ever come across it before?

the first observer asked.

Actually, never, the second observer admitted.

Very low, indeed,

the first observer mused, observing the word intently.

It is one of those words

that defines itself,

the second observer remarked.

I now suspect it hadn’t existed

before we started observing it.

A usuality of zero,

the first observer whispered.

The two observers

stared in awed silence

at the word: