Photography and graphics


1 Portrait





8 October 2013 Phot 2.3


for Jodi

The photographer talks to the man.

They don’t talk about photography,

she does not want him

to think

of what she is going to take from him.

The residue of a life.

The days of his childhood

can still be seen

in his eyes,

the way his mouth closes.

The pain he had to endure

when his lover left him

trace a shadow

on his lips.

His cheeks,

rocky Islands, had winessed

intrigues, defeats, victories,

ever-ongoing labour.

His nose

an Himalayan division

between the pure animal in his body,

in his glands, in his organs – and the yearning of his mind,

the searching of his soul

for a state

that he cannot understand,

but needs with all his being.

In his neck

you smell apples,

sweat and the metal

of a knife.

His hair,

a fatherly hand

on his head,

protecting his mind,

the raging storms of thoughts,

the emergence of ideas

with Nureyev leaps from the wings,

the chaotic roar

of a soccer crowd

shouting for a symbolic kill.

The photographer will record

all of this;

all the world will be able to see

the residue of the man’s being

and make of it

what they will.