1 Drinking into the unknown

2 Bird’s eye view









Drinking into the unknown


What is inside

my coffee cup?

Not in the hollow of the cup – inside

the ceramic material.


Are there super slow-metabolism

organisms that wriggle among the clay molecules

at a speed of one or two microns per day?

Like those they found

hundreds of meters down

in solid rock

that exist without oxygen or sunlight?


I know this cup,

I drink from it every day,

but what is inside?

What strange, unknown world

I hold in my hand,

a world I will never know.


Beautiful brown coffee

that tastes like a rugby game

I played at school.

Coffee –

what is it doing to my mind?



14 July 2011 1.6

Bird’s eye view


The man’s hair

is thin on the top,

I can see his pink scalp.


The points of his feet

appear as he walks –

one-two, one-two.

Some of the people sit;

women have more hair,

one could nest in it.


Children move faster,

they run after a small round thing;

when they get hold of it,

they throw it away again,



The man stops

and throws away seeds.

I don’t understand why,

but I’m going to eat some

once he moves away.

People do strange things,

I wonder what they are for?