1 Elements of teaching and destroying





20 October 2010-10-20 Lang 2.8

Elements of teaching and destroying

The teacher of life

was very careful

to keep the two elements apart.

The one element, an s,

he used sparingly, but effectively:

he could take possession of it –

ours and yours for instance;

he could enlarge with it –

players, prayers, foods and fools for instance;

he could shape with it,

shave with it, shun with it,

scale with it and skew with it.

It was a versatile tool.

But when he combined it

with the other element,

it became a deadly instrument,

a destroyer of good or evil,

a killer of sinners or saints.

Therefore it was seldom

that the teacher of life

added the second element, namely word,

to the first.

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